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Harsh Consultancy provides interior design, we want to make your design luxurious. Interior Designing offers structure according to plan at home in this way, which naturally provides you easy, spacious, comfort. we believed in creativity and quality.

We provide all types of interior design such as-

Bedroom Interior Designs , Kitchen Interior Designs , Living Room Interior Designs , Drawing Room Interior Designs , Dinning Interior Designs , Toilet Interior Designs , Office Interior Designs , Showroom Interior Designs e.t.c

1.Interior Designing ( 3D View):In this view, we focus to provide a clear picture of a room , how it will look after the execution of our drawings with the location and designs of everything( Furniture, Bed, curtains, chairs, sofa, table, door, window  etc), colour, textures and tiles used  including the four sided wall design, ceiling and roof design, floor designing.

2.Interior designing (Technical Drawings):You can see the 3D view by above design that how your house will look after execution but how it will execute that is mention on technical drawings. So we provide all the technical drawings with the interior design to execute properly the drawings for your dream house as per your expectations. We provide the below details in our technical drawings which helps you to execute the drawings in a proper and right manner

  • Furniture layout plan

  • Furniture space layout plan

  • Ceiling working plan

  • Ceiling electrical working plan

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